Just Solutions

Just Solutions is an insurance brokerage based in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, serving farm businesses in Western Canada. 


But we are more than a typical insurance brokerage.  We are a team of risk management specialists committed to partnering with exceptional farm producers and connecting them to a larger network of ideas and expertise.


Based on our experience with hundreds of farms over the past twenty years, we’ve learned that many never achieve their full potential.  We believe this is because they don’t have an effective strategy to take full advantage of every resource available to them:   land, capital, credit, insurance, technology, data, manpower, labour, time, and so on. 


For that reason, we created our Strategic Resource Program.  Our farm partners are already excellent farm producers.  They are forward-thinking and focused on growing their businesses.  They understand their land and know how to get it to produce.  But they also welcome the opportunity to examine their farm businesses from a perspective they’ve never been exposed to before; to be coached in new and different methods of business management. 


That’s the purpose of the Strategic Resource Program:  to use more effective methods of business management and become more efficient and more profitable.  We want our partners to sleep easy at night knowing their farms, their families and their futures are secure.


Our goal is nothing less than to change the way the world farms.  Working with our partners and guided by our shared values, we help create the future of farming.



No Problems.  Just Solutions.

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